Back to the 1980s!

Year 2 have really enjoyed learning all about the 1980s this week. Our favourite things have been learning about the vinyls and different music artists, comparing food prices, games and fashion. We have recreated the 1980s today and look great!

We have also gone back in time throughout the decades from 1990s – 1930s. Some of our favourite things were the lava lamps from 1970, the Beano comic books from 1930 toys from 1990.



As operation was. Popular board game in the 1980s we have investigated how the game works. We tried to work out how to make a buzzer work by creating our own circuits. We also labelled the bones in the human body and named our skeleton Boris!

Christingle Service

Today, Year 2 visited St.Mary’s church to join in with a Christingle service. We learnt about what Christingle is and what the different parts represent and also what advent means to Christians. We sang Christmas carols and listened to the choir sing some beautiful songs before lighting the Christingles and joining in with prayers.

He’s behind you!

Wednesday 5th December – Mother Goose Pantomime at the Severn Theatre

Today, Year 2 visited the Severn Theatre in Shrewsbury to watch a pantomime called Mother Goose. It had lots of good jokes and funny characters and it even had a 3D scene!

Some of us were chosen to go up on to the stage and dance with the characters at the end of the show! We’ve had a very enjoyable day and have loved watching the pantomime. Don’t forget to ask us what our favourite part was!